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FFT Literacy specialise in developing intervention programmes for reading, writing, speaking and listening. We also provide training to schools, clusters and local authorities on English and literacy, and support schools in improving their provision for children.



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20th September 2022
Write Away Together
27th September 2022
Reciprocal Reading
Email the office for a flier, literacy@fft.org.uk
Framework in Reading Comprehension

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You can  find a brief account of reciprocal reading at https://sway.office.com/MObaAhUJ9qwZAWRB?ref=Link



Office summer holiday

29th July – 29th August 2022



The DfE Accelerator Fund, administered by the Education Endowment Fund (EEF), is supporting schools to help children catch up with their learning, in a number of key areas. FFT’s Reciprocal Reading has been identified as a ‘promising project’ and schools can apply for a heavily subsidised place on our training to enable them to run a reciprocal reading project in Years 5 and 6. Unfortunately only schools in the North (actually the North East and Cumbria), the East Midlands and Humberside, and the West Midlands can apply to join this project and receive funding. 

The EEF have provided an overview of the project at: https://educationendowmentfoundation.org.uk/projects-and-evaluation/projects/reciprocal-reading-accelerator-fund-delivery

 For more information contact us at

literacy@fft.org.uk or

call 01642 230811


Please see the following link for our Reading Fluency summary report:



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