Firm Foundations overview

The Firm Foundations materials are made up of:

  • Firm Foundations – original 36 packs

  • Firm Foundations Extension Packs – 12 additional packs
  • Firm Foundations Phonological Awareness

  • Firm Foundations Phonics

Firm Foundations – original 36 packs

All the packs aim to:

  • Enhance parents’ understanding of children’s learning in the early part of the Foundation Stage
  • Provide a set of activities for parents to use at home
  • Enrich home school dialogue

They were developed in response to:

  • Concerns regarding the speaking and listening skills of children entering Foundation Stage
  • Parents’ desire to know how best to help their child at home
  • Schools’ request for a structured literacy programme to support parents working with their children at home
  • Research findings identifying the different experiences that children need in order to become successful readers

All the Firm Foundation packs consist of ready-made activities with clear instructions for parents.  Each programme also includes a Guidance book and a CD of the resources so that lost pieces can be replaced.

The Phonological Awareness programme is also supported by a DVD which can be used for professional development or for parents’ meetings.  This is sold separately.

Firm Foundations Extension Packs

The original 36 were so successful that 12 additional packs were developed with Wigan Sure Start. 

Firm Foundations Phonological Awareness

These packs support the development of phonological skills, particularly phoneme awareness, within the context of Phase 1: Aspects 5, 6 and 7, Letters and Sounds.  The aim is to provide a firm foundation for the “systematic phonics teaching” that begins in Phase 2.

FFPA also aims to support language development within a rich language environment where opportunities for speaking and listening are maximized.  There are reciprocal and mutually supportive relationships between speech, language and literacy. 

Firm Foundations Phonics

These packs target word level skills aligned to Phases 2 to 4 of Letters and Sounds and are intended to develop children’s speed, fluency and confidence in decoding for reading and encoding for spelling.   They also include story books for parents to read to children, with recommended activities for developing vocabulary.  Phonic books are included so that children can apply their skills.

FFT is a non-profit organisation backed by the Fischer Family Trust,

a registered charity that supports a range of UK-based education and health projects.

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