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 Training for November 2022

4th November 2022 – Fluency

17th November 2022 – Vocabulary

23rd November  2022 – Reciprocal Reading  

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Queens University Belfast have recently completed a research project on our reading into comprehension intervention. The project involved 12 schools across Teesside and Durham, working with Year3 and 4 children on a 12 week intervention. The main finding of the Queens’ report was:

 Positive effect sizes of +0.26 on overall reading scores were observed across the board for Year 3 and Year 4 pupils in the intervention group, on the independently designed reading test. This is equivalent to three months additional progress.

The conclusion from this is that the reading intervention shows excellent promise as a technique to improve overall reading (mainly through a process of enhancing reading comprehension at the sentence level).

 We are obviously delighted by these results and are looking forward to expanding the reach of the intervention through our training, school based work and larger research studies.

Please see below our Reading Fluency summary report for schools:

Best practice in reading for primary schools – FFT





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