Non Fiction Reading

Many schools feel that there is never enough time to teach reading properly, particularly in relation to reading comprehension.

This course explores how to make more time for reading comprehension by focusing on promoting reading skills as part of the work children do in topic work across the curriculum (History, Geography etc.)  The irony is that by focusing on the reading of texts in the different subjects there is the potential to make quite an impact on children’s topic knowledge too!  We can expand the reading curriculum without expanding teaching time.


The training involves the use of reciprocal reading and inference training techniques, as well as book journal work, to support children’s understanding of texts and develop their topic knowledge.  It also explores how some of the formats we associate with SATs reading assessment can be used to promote dialogue about topics and develop subject knowledge.  There will also be input on reading for research purposes, and how to make judgements about the level of difficulty of an information text.

There is some overlap between this training and other FFT courses in reading comprehension, but schools and teachers wishing to re-consider the reading of non-fiction texts may find the course useful.

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