Write Away Together

Our Write Away Together training focuses on how to use feedback to improve writing.

A  Write Away Together session involves a dialogue between a child and a trained partner about a piece of independent writing.   The aim of the dialogue is to help the child understand how they can improve their work at text, sentence and word level and to embed strategies that will improve children’s independent writing.  The programme has also been adapted to support the development of writing skills with the whole class or a group.

The model Praise, Improve, Plan underpins Write Away Together.   Each session is based on a piece of writing done in the class, which is celebrated and improved. The writer is then prepared to continue the writing independently, where appropriate. As an intervention, Write Away Together sessions can be led by a teacher or a teaching assistant.

Write Away Together can also be used with groups as a form of guided writing focused on feedback and improvement. These sessions, which fit into the writing sequence, can also be led by a teacher or teaching assistant.

Aims of Write Away Together

For adults:

  • To provide the adult with a clear structure to support the improvement of children’s writing
  • To develop the partnership between teacher and TA
  • To use Assessment for Learning (AfL) to improve writing
  • To lead adults to an understanding of which text, sentence and word choices will be appropriate for a particular writing task and for the audience
  • To provide ways of improving writing within individual, Guided and Shared Writing

 For children:

  • To help the child see himself/herself as a writer
  • To help the child see editing as a positive part of the writing/learning process
  • To improve writing at text, sentence and word level
  • To understand what they do well and what needs to be improved in order to make progress
  •  How to make those improvements

Target  group  

Individual children or groups of children in Y1-Y6 who are:

  • Learning how to extend their work beyond single sentences
  • Needing help with fluency
  • Lacking confidence
  • Needing help to organise their ideas
  • Sticking at a particular stage of development
  • Who run out of steam

Structure of a Write Away Together intervention programme

  • 2 sessions weekly
  • Each session lasts 20 minutes
  • Minimum of 10 weeks

As a form of guided writing, Write Away Together will follow the school’s usual classroom practice on group and guided work. To have the most impact, however, we would recommend frequent sessions in order to embed the strategies effectively.

The training involves:

  • Introduction to the Write Away Together model
  • Identifying children for a WAT programme
  • 3 ways to improve writing
  • Using assessment effectively to improve writing

Evidence of Impact:

We have strong evidence of how WAT has improved children’s writing in many different schools.  Recently, for example, 82 children in North Tyneside schools made 4.4 average points score gain over 15 weeks, through 2 sessions of WAT a week. 

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